extra_0919_fashion1.jpgOK everyone, look in the mirror. Get up from your desk and head over to a mirror in the bathroom, full length preferably.

What are you wearing? A pant suit? Sweats? Khakis with a tie? Jeans and a t-shirt?

Whether you think it or not, everyone is watching you, and everyone else. What you wear to work reflects upon how people perceive you. At least that’s the findings of a “Fashion in the Workplace” survey conducted by an online job search company called TheLadders.com.

You can dress casual, but make sure it’s put together and hip. If you can pull that off without looking schlumpy then people will think you’re creative. But if you’re looking to climb the Corporate ladder then a suit might be your best option.

Here’s a sampling from the survey:

“Business casual attire is currently the standard dress code, and a trend that will continue to grow at the majority of U.S. companies, according to 65 percent of executives surveyed. Employees who are dressed casually are perceived to be creative (36 percent) and more fun (31 percent), yet run the risk of being taken less seriously (49 percent).

For the employees who like to suit up, dressing more traditionally - in business suits and skirts - has benefits. More than 70 percent of executives surveyed said that employees dressed in suits are perceived to be more senior level, while 60 percent say those in suits are taken more seriously. The downside of being buttoned-up is that employees wearing suits are seen as less creative (27 percent) and rigid (16 percent).”

And forget about the following dress faux pas — revealing clothing, flip-flops, jeans, sleeveless shirts, sneakers and visible tattoos.

BTW, I’m wearing a sophisticated brown cotton slack with a yellow shirt and brown button-down sweater over it, with a wedge-heeled brown penny loafer. I look quite presentable. But alas, working for myself, no one will see me but the FedEx guy.

What are you wearing?

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