It’s barely 10 a.m. and already I’ve gotten several emails from friends and colleagues about September 11th. Mainly the sentiment is that life goes by so quickly, and many of us are having trouble keeping away from the news coverage.

I remember when the planes struck the first Twin Tower. It was looking like a fluke so the workday looked like it was going to be like any other. Until the second plane hit…

After that no one continued working. At least is seemed that way. No one but the thousands of people at Ground Zero of course. We were all in a collective stupor. And in a less pronounced way many of us are in a similar stupor today.

It’s a perennial work conundrum – when a huge event unfolds, either on a national scale or in our own lives do we go on with the daily work grind? Should we?

Why not just shut down the computers and take the day off? Some day, Sept. 11 might end up a national holiday anyway.

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